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Award-Winning Blue-Ribbon High School Also Ranked #1 Nationally in Graduation Rate and Named #33 as the Best Overall High School in the State


[Somerset and New Brunswick, New Jersey – May 4, 2021] U.S. News and World Report announced last week in its annual nationwide ranking of high schools, that Central Jersey College Prep (CJCP) was ranked as the top public charter high school in the State of New Jersey, along with the top national ranking for its 100 % graduation rate.  In addition to its top public charter designation, CJCP also ranked #33 among 424 high schools ranked in New Jersey, #797 in its national ranking system, and #157 compared to other public charter schools nationwide.  The 2021 edition of Best High Schools includes a numerical ranking of nearly each of the 18,000 public high schools nationwide. 

“We are so proud to have received this top honor from U.S. News and World Report’s annual high school rankings, but let’s not forget that our most important rating system comes from the work we do to confront systemic racism in our public education system and creating generational change for some of the most at-risk students in New Jersey,” stated Dr. Namik Sercan, CJCP’s Chief Education Officer.  “Whether it be through awards, graduation rates, test scores, family demand, or student success after graduation, we have seen success in many ways since we first launched in 2006.  Every one of these accolades comes from the cumulative passion and dedication of our committed parents, teachers, staff, and students.  Together, we have built a community that is based on high expectations, opportunity for all, and our deep-seated roots to the towns of Somerset and New Brunswick which we serve.”

"CJCP is a great school of choice for the Somerset, North Brunswick, and New Brunswick families for one simple reason; parents know if our kids attend CJCP, we have faith that our kids will be receiving a great education and find the opportunity to build a strong future. We see the statistics that prove CJCP carries its promise every year," stated parent Kimberly Davison. "While other high schools in our area spend upwards of $10,000 more tax dollars per student, CJCP somehow does far more with far less. My only wish was that more people in our community had the opportunity to attend this nationally recognized public school."

In addition, to today’s announcement, CJCP has a long standard of national excellence.  The U.S. Department of Education has previously named the public charter school a “2016 National Blue-Ribbon School,” the highest possible designation granted to a K-12 school.  CJCP has also been widely cited for exemplary high-performing classrooms and their work in closing the Achievement Gap within the Central Jersey region.  In addition, CJCP has also been awarded by the New Jersey Department of Education with a Tier 1 designation, the highest possible ranking for a public charter school in the State.

For more information on how U.S. News evaluates public high schools, please see the methodology.

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Community Service Project Showcases the Importance of Being a Part of the Community

[Somerset/New Brunswick, New Jersey – April 22, 2021] Central Jersey College Prep Charter School (CJCP) announced that students, teachers, parents, and staff joined together and organized a Spring Food Drive that benefited Unity Square Community Center. Today's announcement comes on the heels of a recent project to support the Franklin Township Food Bank. 

Michele Gil, Community Organizer, expressed gratitude on behalf of Catholic Charities and Unity Square Community Center for the CJCP's food donation to the underserved residents of the Unity Square Neighborhood. She added, "Under the auspices of Catholic Charities Diocese of Metuchen, Unity Square provides food and other needed items to the community every Tuesday." 

"Right now, throughout our area, families face food insecurity. In the midst of a global pandemic, it has been especially tough for many non-profits in our area as they address the needs of so many," stated Dr. Namik Sercan, Chief Education Officer. "It is so important to understand that education goes far beyond lesson plans and classroom work. Giving back and remaining loyal to our community serves not only as an important value that CJCP showcases to our student body, but it's an anchor in everything we do. CJCP community prioritizes service, and we are so proud to see our community come together to support Spring Food Drive. We urge everyone to please contribute to this important cause."

"CJCP is a community first - and school second," stated Sherrie Schneider, PTSO President. "I am proud of the top-notch education my child is receiving and reassured every day knowing she is attending one of the highest performing schools in New Jersey. I am far more impressed with the values that they instill into our students and our families on giving back to the community and those in need. CJCP is always finding ways to reach out and support local families, shelters, and our food bank at every opportunity."

The CJCP community outreach team is looking out for opportunities to facilitate mutual collaborations with local community centers, food banks, libraries, senior centers, animal shelters, and more. 

Central Jersey College Prep Charter School is one of the highest-performing public schools in the State of New Jersey and named by the US Department of Education as a "National Blue-Ribbon School."


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Over 1,400 Families Enroll for this Year’s Lottery –
But Only 150 Classroom Seats Available

[Somerset and New Brunswick, New Jersey - March 15, 2021] Central Jersey College Prep (CJCP), one of the highest-performing public schools in the State of New Jersey, announced today that over 1,400 parents have attempted to enroll their children in the school for the 2021-2022 school year. CJCP, a public charter school open to all families free of charge within the Somerset, North Brunswick, and New Brunswick school districts, will only have 150 open classroom seats available to the community for next year.

With the line of parent interest in CJCP far exceeding the enrollment limit allowed by the New Jersey Department of Education, almost 90 percent of all enrollees will not be allowed entry to the school. On March 17 and 18th, CJCP will be forced to conduct a lottery to determine acceptance.

Based on national standards of excellence, CJCP has previously been named by the US Department of Education as a “National Blue Ribbon School.” This is the highest possible designation granted to a K-12 school and has been cited for exemplary high-performing classrooms and their work in closing the Achievement Gap within the Central Jersey region. In addition, CJCP has also been awarded by the New Jersey Department of Education with a Tier 1 designation, the highest possible ranking for a public charter school in the State.

“This time of year is always bittersweet. While we are so thrilled and thankful for the passion and interest of parents, we also are concerned and frustrated that there are thousands of families waiting for the State to provide greater opportunity and access to our classrooms,” stated Dr. Namik Sercan, Chief Education Officer for CJCP. “Parents are demanding that their children attend CJCP because we have the greatest track record of achievement of any public school in the area. Our students are provided the strongest academics and support possible – and we ensure that every one of our students attends and stays in College. We look forward to our lottery this week and ushering in our allotted 150 new students. Still, CJCP will continue to fight for the many families who continue to wait, hoping for equity, respect, and the hope for a better life for their children.”

“Look at the data. This happens every year. Thousands of parents are not being allowed access to this great public school. As a CJCP parent and community leader, there is nothing more painful than our annual lottery. Talking to parents who do not “win” the lottery is heartbreaking, and it does not need to be this way,” Sherrie Schneider, CJCP PTSO President. “All children, no matter who they are, deserve an outstanding education and hope for the future. I am proud of the academic success of CJCP. But I am prouder that each year, the school challenges the NJDOE to open its enrollment to more families throughout our area. We simply cannot forget the families that are waiting. There are a small handful of elected officials who simply do not care about the needs and demands of parents. Instead, they create unnecessary division and roadblocks rather than do what is best for our kids – and that is a shame.”

"If I hadn't attended CJCP, I wouldn't have access to the amazing opportunities that the school has to offer and the strong support system from the faculty, staff, and other students attending here as well. I wouldn't be where I am today at Princeton University without the inspiration from those around me," stated CJCP graduate, Christine Nguyen. "Every day I realize that the day I was picked by the lottery system to enroll in this school was a big turning point that enabled me to grow as a student, and as a person through my experiences here that I felt I would not have gained enrolling in a public school in my township. I'm proud to attend this school and hope that in the future, others will recognize that the values CJCP enforces works to encourage students to reach success in their own ways, and the fate of our community is dependent on allowing more students to attend a great school like ours."

To review a full report of the various awards provided to CJCP, please click here.

This year’s CJCP lottery will occur on Wednesday, March 17 for K-5 and Thursday, March 18 for grades 6-12. Both lotteries start at 1:30 pm and can be viewed online on CJCP’s YouTube Channel.

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