What is OnPoint?

School Wide Positive Behavior Support is not just another initiative. It is a lifelong change in how schools plan for and deal with discipline and problem behaviors. Over a thousand schools across the country have been successfully using School Wide Positive Behavior Support to reduce occurrences of discipline and problem behavior. Schools in states such as New York, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Oregon, Alabama, and many others have seen dramatic improvements in overall discipline and behavior problems as a result of using this approach. Everyone (students and staff) at Central Jersey College Prep is expected to:

Be Respectful! Be Responsible! Be Safe!

Every September and periodically throughout the year students and staff participate in activities to learn and review what the CJCPCS Behavior Expectations looks like (see Appendix). What “Be Respectful”, “Be Responsible”, and “Be Safe” means and how we should behave will vary across different settings. If you need a reminder, just look around for a CJCPCS Expected Behavior Code poster that will tell you exactly what is expected of you in that setting.

Teachers and Staff are always on the lookout for students following the CJCPCS Behavior Expectations Code.

Throughout the school day, students will be recognized and may receive tickets (Cougar Pride Tickets) as feedback that they are engaging in a positive behavior that exemplifies our three expectations:

Students will be given positive feedback when we “catch them doing good”. Teachers and staff will be handing out CJCPCS tickets many times each day to students demonstrating CJCPCS behavior expectations.

Each Friday names are drawn for each grade and the names of the winners are announced. If your name is drawn you will receive a prize!

Prizes may include things such as: pass for dress down, free admission to a dance, fast passes to the front of lunch lines, gift certificates, and many other interesting items.

REMEMBER: We are going to be looking for POSITIVE BEHAVIORS.

Remember, to receive a ticket you need to be Respectful, Responsible, and Safe throughout your day!

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